Success for DCCA Secretary in tournament in France

 Report on 1st Senior Open Tournament, Dieppe, 22-29.8.15

Ever looking for interesting new congresses to play in, I  recently travelled across the Channel to Dieppe in Normandy to play in the inaugural Senior (50+) Open of the 11th Chess Festival organised by the local club, “L’Echiquier Dieppois”.   I  was not expecting to “pull up any trees” given the large entry of 54 players and so no-one was more surprised  than me when I  came home having won the tournament with 7 ½ out of 9 and picked up a handy first prize of 400 Euros! And this despite having lost my first-round game to a player graded 300 ELO points below my own 1930!    I  managed 7 wins and a draw from the remaining 8 games, the crucial win coming in round 8 when I defeated Paul Selby of Brighton, the only other English player in the tournament, most of whose players were French with a sprinkling of Belgians and Germans. Selby came third with 6 ½ so it was a good tournament for England!

The Dieppe Chess Festival can be strongly recommended for anyone looking to combine chess with a seaside holiday. The venue (games were played in the Salle des Congres and the Casino opposite) was superb and the many hotels within easy reach (a good thing given the wet weather all week). The local club, very dynamic and well supported financially by the town council, its (Communist!) mayor and local businesses, puts on a number of events alongside the main congress:  a simultaneous display by top French lady player, Marie Sebag, an evening Blitz tournament, guided tours of Dieppe Castle and also the town of Dieppe itself, free drinks at a reception for all players and a friendly match against  a visiting team from Brighton continuing a series that stretches to 11 reciprocal visits, alternating venues each year.

Other features of the tournament: high quality wooden sets and boards for all games; 3 Open tournaments alongside the Senior event: Open A/B/C, the A tournament being fearsomely strong with 50 players graded over 2000 and 20 over 2400. The C tournament had a high number of junior players, reflecting the emphasis placed on junior training by the club; the very friendly atmosphere. One feature  not met before: a rule prohibiting any agreement of a draw before move 30!

I had an interesting encounter with a very attractive Russian lady player: 21 year-old Dina Belenkaya of St Petersburg. She is in the top 30 Russian women players and has two IM norms and a rating of 2300. As a university student of French and English she has already played several French tournaments but has never yet played in the UK. She would make a splendid catch for DCCA “Paignton”  2016 but would need free accommodation – any offers?

My opponents ranged in grade from 1477  (103ECF)  to 1948 (162ECF) so the tournament was far from being the strongest I have played in but most of the games were good struggles.

I append my two wins in rounds 8 and 9.

In conclusion, a memorable and highly enjoyable  tournament for me, one to which I would be keen to return .

Trefor Thynne (Secretary DCCA)



11e Festival International de Dieppe Senior +
Classement après la ronde 9

54 players

Pl   Nom Elo Cat. Fede Ligue Club Pts Tr. Perf Bu.
1   THYNNE Trefor F 1930 F VetM     40½ 2030 48
2   PINCHON Henri 1849 F VetM HNO Bihorel Echecs 7 43½ 2017 51
3   SELBY Paul R 1861 F VetM     40½ 1928 47½
4   REZNIK Leonid 2010 F VetM     39½ 1950 48½
5   KOCH Alain 1950 F SenM IDF L'Echiquier du Lac Enghien 39 1923 46½
6   GERMES Alain 2008 F VetM PCH Aytré - La Rochelle Echecs 37½ 1940 46½
7   ANDRIEU Philippe 1948 F VetM HNO Saint Thomas - Le Havre - Echecs 6 40½ 1934 47½
8   PLANTET Marc 1863 F SenM IDF La Dame Noire 6 39 1857 48½
9   GOETGELUCK Gerald 1885 N SenM   Brussels Chess Club 6 38½ 1900 47
10   GALLET Gilles 1788 F VetM IDF Echiquier de Franconville 45½ 1907 53
11   RUCH Bernard 1980 F VetM ALS C.E. de la Mossig 40 1901 49
12   FRANSSEN Roland 1776 F VetM     39½ 1800 45½
13   GUILLAUMAT Jean-Pierre 1849 F VetM HNO L'Echiquier Dieppois 39 1805 46
14   DURAND Sylvain 1846 F SenM IDF Le Petit Pouchet Paris 37½ 1818 44½
15   DUBOCAGE Claude 1790 F SenM NPC CSC - Club d'Echecs de Fourmies 34½ 1734 41½
16   MEBARKI Omar 1557 F SenM HNO Saint Thomas - Le Havre - Echecs 5 40 1842 48
17   HAMDI Abderrahman 1811 F VetM HNO Bonsecours A.S.C. 5 39 1791 48
18   VAN STEENWINCKEL Hugo 1656 F SenM     5 39 1753 45½
19   SCHRADER Edmond 1657 F VetM BRG Chalon sur Saone Echecs 5 37 1774 40½
20   AZZOUZ Belkhelfa 1795 F VetM PIC Club d'Echecs de Senlis 5 37 1768 44½
21   BALLANDRAS Marc 1786 F SenM BRG Dijon Echiquier des Ducs 5 35½ 1682 42
22   BEZY Bernard 1506 F VetM BRE Echiquier Quévenois 5 35 1737 40
23   CHOPINAUD Francis 1581 F SenM LIM Bourganeuf Chess College 5 33½ 1696 40½
24   POIRIER Michel 1618 F VetM PCH Philidor Royan 5 33½ 1620 38½