Abrahams, G

Not Only Chess – A Selection of Chessays                                      1st  ed.

Unwin ‘74



28 chess-based essays, some illustrated with diagrams and moves. 

                                                                                        DW  VG+





The Delights of Chess                                                                1st ed. 1960




Nom de plume of Heinrich Fraenkel; relates many amusing anecdotes about players he encountered, some illustrated by games. Drawings by Vicky.  DW.           Front endpaper cut o/w VG





Adventure in Chess                                                                              1st ed.

Turnstile ‘51



Series of articles, enlarged from the author's column in the New Statesman. The cardboard chess set at the back is intact with all original pieces present. Slight foxing on front endpaper,   o/w      G+





British Chess Magazine – 1923 – 1932 An Anthology.

BCM 1986



A pot-pourri of items taken from those years.                     PB  VG+



Bott, R

The Chess Player’s Bedside Book                                                      1st  ed

Faber 1966



With S. Morrison. Collection of short articles and games. Insc. G+



Chernev, I

Wonder & Curiosities of Chess                                                         1st ed.

Dover 1974



Collection of short games and unusual facts & anecdotes. SB  VG- 



Chernev, I

The Fireside Book of Chess  with Reinfeld

NY 1949



“A huge grab bag accenting the lighter side of chess”. Full of stories, games, articles, quizzes, cartoons etc. DW worn    o/w VG




Cockburn, A

Idle Passion – Chess and the Dance of Death                                   1975




Documents the idiosyncrasies of chess players.                  PB  VG



Darrach, B.

Bobby Fischer vs the Rest of the World                                            1st ed.

Stein NY ‘74



An indiscrete biography relating Fischer’s behaviour and attitudes up to and during Reykjavik 1972. DW  nibbled o/g VG




Edmonds, D

Bobby Fischer Goes To War – The True Story of How the Soviets Lost The Most Extraordinary Chess Match Of All Time. With John Eidinow. 

Faber 2004 1st ed.



The story of the 1972 World Championship.                          DW  F



Edmonds, D

Bobby Fischer Goes To War




Another copy.                                                                        PB    F- 



Edwards, R

The Chess Player’s Bedside Book   with R. Keene.                           1st ed.                                    

Batsford ‘75



A development of the Bott & Morrison book, with added photos & drawings.                                                                             DW  VG




Edwards, R

The Chess Player’s Bedside Book   with R. Keene.                           1st ed.                                     




Another copy                                                       DW     Insc.     VG     




Finding Bobby Fischer – chess interviews by Dirk Jan van Geuzendam

NIC  1994



28 interviews with top players, only a few relating to Fischer.

                       HB Some foxing on page edges        o/w             VG-




Glyn, A

The Dragon Variation                                                                          1969




Novel with a chess background.  Ex-Lib. HB  Endpaper excised  G



Graham, J

The Literature of Chess                                                             1st ed. 1984




The author identifies 135 significant books from the various aspects of the game and writes c. a page on each. Diagrams & index. 

                                                                Red cloth boards.  AN   F+




Hartston, W

Soft Pawn




Humorous writings by a master of the genre. Bill Tidy cartoons add to the mix.                                                                          PB    VG+




Harwood, G

Caïssa’s Web – The Chess Bedside Book                                          1st ed.

Latimer 1975



12 photo plates plus drawings.                                           DW    VG



Hochberg, B


The 64-Square Looking Glass – The Great Game of Chess in World Literature.                                                                                           1st ed.

Random House



Writers bring their creativity to bear on the narrative power inherent in chess, from Woody Allen to Ann Bronte.                     DW           F








Hurst, S

Curse of Kirsan – Adventures in the Chess Underworld.

Russell 2002



An exploration of the dark side of chess, not only Kirsan.    PB  VG+



Kingston, T

Heroic Tales: The Best of Chess Café.com 1996 - 2001

Russell 2002



54 articles by noted writers, from Gary Lane to Lasker.        PB     F



Johnson, D

White King & Red Queen – How The Cold War Was Fought On The Chessboard

Atlantic 2007



Tells the story of the Soviets vs the Rest throughout the 20th century. 25 photo plates.                                                    DW       F




Kasparov, G

Child of Change – An Autobiography   with Donald Trelford.    1st ed. 1987




64 b&w  photos.  DW. Ex-Lib but with minimal markings      o/w VG



Knight, N

Chess Pieces – An Anthology in Prose & Verse.                               1st ed.

Sampson ‘49



Corrigenda booklet & corringenda to the corrigenda.

Illustrations by Gibberd based on historic chess pieces.            VG




Knight, G

King, Queen & Knight: A Chess Anthology in Prose & Verse. 1st ed.

With W. Guy                                                     

Batsford ‘75



Illustrations by Greenwood.                                                DW  VG+



Kortchnoi, V

Persona Non Grata                                                                               1st ed.

Thinkers’ 81



Author tells his side of  his struggles against Karpov and the Soviet system. All 32 games of the 1978 match.          PB       AN         VG




Lawson, D

The Inner Game

MacMillan 93



The real story behind the Short-Kasparov World Championship match told by the now President of the ECF.      DW                  VG+




Lawson, D

End Game – Kasparov vs Short – Dispatches From a War For the World Championship.

Harmony ’93 1st US ed.



Same text – different title and the US version.                  DW   VG+



Murray, W

Grandmaster  with M. Cochran

Futura 1985



Novel with a Cold War background about 2 prodigies bent on becoming GMs.                                                                      PB  G




Pandolfini Ed

The Best of Chess Life & Review  Vol. 1  1933 - 1960

Fireside ‘88



132 articles, annotated games, photos, cartoons, magazine covers etc.                                                                                       PB  VG+    




Pandolfini Ed

The Best of Chess Life & Review  Vol. 2 1960 – 1988

Fireside ‘88



132 articles, annotated games, photos, cartoons, magazine covers etc.                                                                                       PB  VG+   




Ree, H

The Human Comedy of Chess – A Grandmaster’s Chronicles

Russell 1999



A series of sketches of chess personalities, great & small. A few games & diagrams.                                    PB                  AN         F-




Reinfeld, F

The Human Side of Chess – The Story of the World Champions; their Triumphs and Illusions; Their Achievements and Failures.

Faber ’53



Chapters on Anderssen, Morphy, Steinits, Lasker, Capa, Alekhine & Euwe. With 14 illustrative games and match records. Insc.      G+




Reinfeld, F.

The Treasury of Chess Lore                                                           1st ed.

Arco 1955



The author has collected a wide range of writings on all aspects of the game.  DW. Photos.  Foxing to endpapers & page edged o/w G




Reinfeld, F

The Treasury of Chess Lore

Dover 1959



Another copy  SB (creased)  o/w G



Salzmann, J

The Chess Reader – The Royal Game in World Literature.1st ed.1949 NY




A collection of writings down the ages from the ancient Greeks to J. B. Priestly, via Caxton, Dr. Johnson, Tolstoy et al. Ex Libris plate of L. R. Reitstein.  14 b&w photographic plates.                              VG-




Shahade, J.

Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport

Siles 2005



The 2X US Woman’s Champion charts the rise and rise of the fair sex on the world chess scene.            Photos.        DW                  F




Sosonko, G

Russian Silhouettes

NIC 2001



Born in 1943, Sosonko played under the Soviet regime until 1972 when he defected to the Netherlands. This gave him the dual advantage of having inside knowledge of the great Russian players, and being able to view that time dispassionately.  This 1st of his 3 books was acclaimed for its evocative writing. Photos.  PB     VG+





Sosonko, G

The Reliable Past

NIC 2003



Author continues with his “gallery of wonderful pen-portraits written with.. a measure of objectivity and detachment” (Kasparov).  PB  F-




Sosonko, G

Smart Chip From St. Petersburg and other tales of a bygone era

NIC 2006



More fascinating portraits of masters, famous & forgotten, and more. Photos                                                                      PB        F




Spanier, D

Total Chess

Abacus 1986



10 chapters on various aspects of world chess.                      PB  G 



Waitskin, F

Searching For Bobby Fischer                                         1st ed. 1989

Bodley Head



Made into a film in 1993, Josh Waitzkin’s father tells the story of how he launches his son’s international chess career.  DW           F




Zweig, S

Kaleidoscope Two

Cassell 1951



Stories, the longest of which is The Royal Game. (60pp)              G